Vail Daily letter: Sidle gone socialist? |

Vail Daily letter: Sidle gone socialist?

Artie R. Johnston
Vail, CO, Colorado

Has Don Sidle become another one of the Vail Daily’s assorted socialists and social misfits?

Sidle drew editorially for the Vail Trail for years and offered mainly local and keen insight.

Now he pens a David and Goliath-style cartoon: a union member as a frail, underdog triumphing timidly over the towering figure of an evil insurance industry executive restraining his attack (GOP) elephant.

This hackneyed Lenin-Stalinist view is dangerous partisan grandstanding.

I say that because within the Democratic leadership are people who admire these Soviet leaders who killed millions upon millions.

Conversely and ironically, our health care system saved millions upon millions people within the same time period.

The cartoon thus should have portrayed a Stalin-like Obama figure using a giant bear to force an intimidated, poorly represented worker in to surrendering more of his income and liberties to the state.

(Note to public school kids: Soviets used a bear as one of the symbols of Communism.)

In short, I hope Mr. Sidle will not assist the ad circular that masquerades as our town’s newspaper to continue to conduct itself as though partisan views trump well-rounded journalism (and that includes using highly partisan de facto columnists like letter-writer David Le Vine, who serves as a front for high-profile, like-minded comrades who want to remain anonymous.)

Artie R. Johnston


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