Vail Daily letter: Simply a disaster |

Vail Daily letter: Simply a disaster

Peter Bergh
Vail, CO, Colorado

The economy of the United States is reeling from the combined forces fairly attributed to greedy purveyors of financial instruments (magic paper), incompetent government oversight, gridlock in both houses of Congress and legions of clueless consumers who have grown to expect something for nothing.

While millions of Americans are out of work and more lose their jobs every day, President Obama has devoted the better part of his first year in office encouraging the jury-rigging of a health-care bill and pushing for its passage by hook-or-by-crook that to anyone who has studied a current iteration (special interests make the bill as fluid as quicksilver) is nothing short of an unmitigated disaster and if it becomes law is very likely to further depress the economy.

There is little disagreement that our current health-care system is badly in need of an overhaul.

However, overlaying a bad bill on top of it is not a viable solution.

It would be far better to expand two existing programs, Medicaid and Medicare, to cover those who are currently uninsured, enact tort reform to eliminate the negative and costly impact lawyers have on our health-care system, and encourage all Americans to take more of a responsibility for their own health by eating a healthy diet, get adequate exercise, stop smoking, wear seat belts and not abuse alcohol.

It is very sad that the quietly-creeping socialism that many people in the country have feared has now turned into a loud stampede led by the Democrats who now hold sway in the White House and in both houses of Congress.

It’s yet another example of the old saying that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Peter Bergh


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