Vail Daily letter: Sins of the GOP |

Vail Daily letter: Sins of the GOP

Jim Cameron
Vail, CO, Colorado

Richard Carnes’ commentary, “Paul Ryan a great choice … for Obama” hits the nail on the head. Mitt Romney gains no new constituency from selecting Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate, but does push independent voters farther away from what is now the Romney-Ryan ticket.

I also agree with Carnes’ assertion that we no longer have a Republican Party, at least not any semblance of what it was. We have Democrats, independents and the tea party.

Romney dances around questions as to whether he is in agreement with Ryan’s budget road map for America, which further reduces taxes that proportionally most benefit the wealthy, achieves substantial spending cuts by gutting social welfare programs that support the poor, lower middle and middle income classes, takes three decades to achieve a balanced budget, and replaces Medicare with a voucher program.

You know what a voucher is. It’s sort of like a gift card that you purchase for Starbucks and use as a Christmas stocking stuffer for relatives.

Let’s not forget what got us and the rest of world in this economic mess. It wasn’t Obama, Bush, the Eurozone, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, General Motors or American International Group (AIG). It was Wall Street investment bankers who chose to turn their organizations into unregulated gambling casinos.

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Survey findings about ethics and illegal activity in the financial services industry gleaned from 500 senior-level finance professionals in the United States and Great Britain was published in the August issue of the American Association of Individual Investors Journal.

The survey, conducted by the law firm Labaton Sucharow, found that 24 percent of respondents believed rules may have to be broken in order to be successful. You have to cheat to get ahead. Over a quarter of the respondents said that they have observed or had firsthand knowledge of wrong doing in the marketplace.

These are the same “professionals” that the tea party wants to protect from any regulations that might prevent an encore of the greatest recession since the Great Depression.

Of the bailouts initially started at the end of the Bush administration and carried on by the Obama administration, it is likely that the loans and corporate stock accepted by the feds in return for survival money will end up costing the taxpayer absolutely nothing. The tea party has already figured that one out which is why you no longer see attack ads on those federal bailout programs.

What is it about Ryan and the tea party’s quest to attack those segments of our federal government that oversee safety net programs? We are in a horrible economy, both nationally and globally, and the tea party wants to focus spending cuts on the those who are suffering the most?

On a final note, a state judge in Pennsylvania recently ruled that he would not block the voter identification law passed in the Pennsylvania Legislature. A number of states (all under the control of Republican legislatures or governors) have passed legislation requiring a government issued photo identification in order to cast a vote this November and beyond.

Many have asserted that this movement is a solution in search of a problem. How many cases of voter fraud have ever been confirmed in Pennsylvania? None, zip, zilch, zero, nada.

So why the legislation? The head of the Republicans in the Pennsylvania Legislature was caught on a video giving the answer. To paraphrase, he said with this legislation they have guaranteed the state of Pennsylvania to Romney.

Jim Cameron

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