Vail Daily letter: Sirota has it wrong |

Vail Daily letter: Sirota has it wrong

Jeannie McGill
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am a middle-class tea party enthusiast. You have it all wrong, David Sirota (“Me-Firsters …,” Sunday).

I am protesting both parties’ disregard of our founding fathers’ warnings against big government.

I am against politicians that passed the stimulus bill without having the time to read it and put 9,000 earmarks on it. I’m mad that the stimulus bill has not stimulated small business and entrepreneurs, who are the people who create jobs.

I’m mad about the debt that we have forced on our children. I mad about “cap and trade” because it was pushed through without the public really understanding it.

Ask someone in a grocery line what they think of “cap and trade.” They will not know what you’re talking about. However, it will end up costing everyone.

We looked into solar energy for our home. It would cost $51,000. Our cost would be $12,000. The other $39,000 will be paid by our utility company and the federal government. So who really pays that $39,000? We have other clean energies available. Solar is down the road.

I’m mad because they are trying to rush through a health-care plan without months of debate. I’m mad because all of the issues are not on the table.

The Democrats won’t look at tort reform. What does defensive medicine cost because doctors and emergency rooms have to perform too many tests?

Why do we have so many C-sections? Why is my gynecologist paid much less than my hair dresser?

What are the incentives for talented young people to get into medicine? (They go to school until they are 30-plus, have huge debt from school, pay huge malpractice fees and then the government gets involved).

I just read that the Pacific Research Institute estimated that $200 billion could be saved if medical malpractice were handled differently. Not eliminated — handled differently.

I’ve just mentioned a few of the bigger issues. I believe in risk-reward, I believe in responsibility, and I believe in helping those that can’t help themselves. I believe in health-care reform, energy reform and job creation.

You did a great disservice in your commentary. You as a journalist had the forum to present both sides of an issue. Stereotyping people who go to tea parties as tax cry babies is just so shallow and inaccurate.

We are Americans who don’t like the rush and irresponsible politicians. We feel our liberties are being attacked when union members and Acorn activists show up to bully our right to oppose the government.

In the recent lingo, Acorn is the Astroturf. How many millions of dollars have been funneled into that organization? It’s overwhelming to know how to combat Acorn and the unions! We have no funding nor organization behind us.

We are the real deal, David. Americans who are fearful of the decisions being made and the rush in which they are being passed. You really missed it. If you really value journalism and your responsibility, please write another commentary and open your mind up to the reality of the tea parties.

P.S.: Here is the automated response from Sirota to e-mails:

Thanks for your note — I very much appreciate you taking the time to write me. If you are offering feedback on a column of mine — whether negative or positive — I encourage you to send a letter to the editor of the newspaper you read it in expressing your views.

While you can rest assured that I read my e-mail, I regret that because of volume I cannot respond to each e-mail individually. I apologize for that, but please don’t take it personally. If I spent all my time replying individually to each and every e-mail I received, I’d have to be chained to my computer and would never be able to see my family.

If you’ve written me a constructive e-mail, let me just again say THANK YOU — as long as feedback-criticism is constructive, it is extremely valuable to me and makes me a better writer-journalist.

If you are angry about my inability to respond to every single e-mail I receive and actually believe you should take precedent over my family, then I suggest seeking help for Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

If you have sent me an e-mail pretending that George W. Bush won the 2000 popular vote, asserting that the U.S. Senate is 100 percent democratic, claiming that the richest 1 percent aren’t actually rich, stating that thousands of Americans do not die every year for lack of health insurance, denying that the holocaust happened, swearing that taxpayers weren’t forced to hand over trillions to Wall Street executives, or otherwise insisting that other verifiable facts aren’t true, rest assured I have deleted your e-mail and added you to a spam list — and may I suggest that you seek immediate medical attention for psychopathy.

Likewise, if you have just sent me angry or deranged hate mail absent any substantive-constructive facts, check the following two links and figure out which kind of pathetic freak you are:

Thanks for the note — and keep up the good fight.

Rock the boat,


Jeannie McGill

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