Vail Daily letter: Slow down on health-care reform, and do it right |

Vail Daily letter: Slow down on health-care reform, and do it right

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

If I were President Obama, I would have Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Reid stand beside me at a press conference when I announced that I thought that any legislation regarding health care should be delayed for one year.

I would go on to say that universal health care is a national problem that deserves the bipartisan support of both Republicans and Democrats. And that furthermore, it needs the understanding and support of a vast majority of our citizens; and as of now, the proposed legislation is far too controversial to accomplish those goals.

And so I think that we should spend one more year searching for the solution that would provide the best possible coverage for all of our citizens at a minimum cost. It is a vital issue but one that is terribly complex. It must be done well!

There are many thoughts regarding the reduction of costs and each of them deserves consideration; and furthermore, some may require a compromise of principles. There are many thoughts regarding different levels of care, and the morality of that. There are many thoughts regarding the roles of the private sector and of the government.

And there are many thoughts regarding taxation in order to reduce the impact on our national debt.

These are important issues and desperately need more thought, resolution and, most importantly, popular understanding and acceptance..

Obviously, I believe that Mr. Obama could make this happen. Furthermore, I think that our country, and the presidency, would benefit from the delay.

David Le Vine

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