Vail Daily letter: So there! |

Vail Daily letter: So there!

Nancy Williams
Vail, CO, Colorado

Do you want to know why your paper is failing? Look in the mirror: You are the problem! Your lack of integrity and professionalism in reporting the truth has gone from bad to deplorable. Have you no pride, dignity or professional ethics whatsoever?

Your papers have made it very clear that you all love and support the Hidden Gems proposal, but your willingness to print such a misrepresentation on the unbelievable turnout in opposition to the Hidden Gems campaign in the Edwards meeting is a new low, even for you!

Please don’t blame your failing paper on the economy. Attached is a great picture of the sea of white that showed up in opposition to Hidden Gems, easily 4 to 1, if not 5 to 1.

Nancy Williams

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: Nancy was kind enough to send a picture of people mostly in white T-shirts showing their loyalties with the Hidden Gems wilderness proposal. Only problem was both sides wore white T-shirts, and supporters have called insisting that they far outnumbered opponents at the meeting. We reported that the two sides showed up in roughly equal numbers.

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