Vail Daily letter: So, what is the people’s will? |

Vail Daily letter: So, what is the people’s will?

Kevin Kenney
Vail, CO, Colorado

David Le Vine is right. America is a great country. So I just don’t understand why Obama-Progressives-Democrats want to fundamentally change America. Power and greed among others, I suppose.

These “bright, dedicated and courageous” politicians Mr. Le Vine speaks about (I can’t think of one from either party as they all sell us out) will get my gratitude when they start listening to the will of the people and doing the job they were elected to do: secure the border, cut spending and actually put together a budget like the rest of us.

It can be done. Like him or not, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie seems to be kicking some tail for the people.

The America Mr. Le Vine speaks of is history, I believe. Most people expect a hand-out instead of a hand-up. That will be hard to shake.

Kevin Kenney


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