Vail Daily letter: Socialists are winning |

Vail Daily letter: Socialists are winning

To Jack R. Van Ens: I always skip your columns since I know I’ll get the same leftist socialist tripe. It’s wasted ink, in my opinion. (Rush) Limbaugh’s name caught my eye. I know he is your favorite whipping boy. Must be envy since he has 20 million listeners a week to your 20 readers a week, so I skimmed your column Sunday.

You do not know the difference between a prediction and a lie. A prediction is a forecast or opinion, in many cases like the weather forecast.

If they’re wrong, it’s not a lie! A lie is when Democrats say, “Republicans want to the shut down or change Social Security.”

Another lie is blaming Republicans for the deficit. All you have to do is look at the federal budgets starting in 2000 through the present year.

Another favorite Democrat lie is “rich don’t pay their fair share.” Always attack the rich, and throw in, while you’re at it, racist, homophobe, bigot and other favorite Democrat words when they are losing the debate.

The top 11⁄2 percent of wage earners pay 40 percent of all federal income taxes, and the bottom 50 percent pay nothing.

Why don’t you try some quotes from Teddy Roosevelt once in a while?

Leftist Democrats like yourself always talk about fairness. Did you get a warranty when you were born that said your life would be fair? Do you realize there are people smarter than you, better athletes, better woodworkers, better column writers, better painters, better auto mechanics, better income producers, better speakers?

Are you getting the point? Some people are better than others. Why do socialists suggest everyone should have equal outcome or possess the same as everyone else when everyone has different abilities and motivation? It’s absurd.

Socialism drags people down, destroys enthusiasm, achievement and motivation and believes outcome should be the same.

No, thank you. I will take capitalism, as Limbaugh preaches. It motivates people to be the best they can be. Each person has a gift of some sort that needs help by others to encourage and assist them upward and to excel. Experienced, successful people assist others to achieve their dreams and rewards for their successes.

Sadly for us capitalists, I predict in years to come socialism will win the day, and it already has in some states. California is an example.

The entitlement culture is taking over. Free stuff is lots more popular than having to work for it. Someday there will be more tax receivers than taxpayers, and your socialist pals in Washington will win all elections.

Since I am a dinosaur, I probably will be where they are when that happens, and I will be glad for it.

Ron Ownby


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