Vail Daily letter: Some change is good |

Vail Daily letter: Some change is good

Mike Lederhause
Vail, CO, Colorado

I served many years as a trooper with the Colorado State Patrol in Eagle County. During that time, I had the opportunity to work with many different officers from the various departments in the area.

One officer in particular stood out from the rest, and that was James Van Beek, a deputy with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office at that time. James was well respected by the officers from the Sheriff’s Office and other departments in the area.

We could always count on James to help when additional assistance was needed.

James and his family have been part of the community for many years and make their home in Gypsum. His wife grew up in Gypsum.

As an officer, it was important to James to get to know the residents of the county and build trust among the citizens.

This is an important part of community policing and should be part of every officer’s goal.

James was well respected by the senior citizens in the community, and he often took the time to stop and check on them when the opportunity arose.

When the opportunity came to serve his country by helping with the organization of a police force in Europe, James made the choice to do so even though he could have stayed in Eagle County where, more than likely, he would have earned several promotions by now.

The service in Europe has given James experience that could not be equaled by spending his career here in Eagle County.

James is a leader, and with your vote can put his experience to work for you.

James’s parents came to America from Holland and made their home in Gypsum for many years, so he is fluent in the Dutch, German and English languages, which should be of benefit with the foreign visitors to Eagle County.

We are fortunate to have James Van Beek willing to step up and serve the citizens and visitors of Eagle County as our sheriff.

We are the ones that will benefit from this change, so please help restore sound leadership to the Sheriff’s Office by voting for James Van Beek.

It will not do any good to just support James unless you cast your vote. Remember, politicians and diapers both need changed regularly for the same reason.

Mike Lederhause


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