Vail Daily letter: Some kinda lux hotel? |

Vail Daily letter: Some kinda lux hotel?

Beric Christiansen
Vail, CO, Colorado

When I read the article on the new “justice center”( it’s not a jail anymore), I expected at the end to see Vail’s RockResorts as the architect and operator of the facility. I couldn’t understand before how this facility was going to be so expensive, but now it is crystal clear.

The idea of a jail should be to make people who go there adverse to the idea of returning, not make it a pleasant experience. This idea was apparently lost on the touchy feely Joe Hoy and Bill Kaufman.

One part of the article says that inmates will be involved in job training, while another part says they are only there a short period of time. If they are only there for a short period, how do you give job training?

They are going to start gardens, but if they are moving elsewhere, what is the point? They’ll be gone before the plants sprout.

The description of this facility is filled with all the psycho babble descriptions that make the operators feel good about themselves and how they are saving society. Concepts like “restorative justice,” “direct supervision,” learning “life skills,” “pods” of prisoners, jailers “living” with the inmates and making the place feel like a “rec center” supposedly turn the prisoners into model citizens.

Good luck with that. If I was a police officer out risking my life on a daily basis dealing with criminals, I would not be too happy to see them living like this when they get arrested. Possibly resentment of this waste of more taxpayer money is what is causing one of the county deputies to run for sheriff against Joe Hoy.

Beric Christiansen


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