Vail Daily letter: Some tribute |

Vail Daily letter: Some tribute

Lynn Bauman
Vail, CO, Colorado

I would like to thank the Vail Valley Foundation for the fantastic Street Beat season. I thought the “Tribute to MJ” was a pleasant experience with great music and a great band.

However, there were a group of people wearing ape-monkey face masks. I do not want to assume anything, but at face value this was a very racist and ignorant thing to display in our community. There were African-American families in the crowd, and this was a careless, thoughtless thing to do.

My friends and I felt these monkey masks (being worn by an entire white family) was a racist statement and very bad form. If they were by some slim chance trying to show “Bubbles,” MJ’s pet, fine, but it did not appear that way at all.

I recently worked in a public capacity with a local blonde girl who made the statement: “A Hispanic male with a tattoo of the Mother Mary on his arm is a weak positive ID because they al have that.”

Well, how nice, I thought. My father was Hispanic and never had a tattoo anywhere. This woman was originally from Mississippi, she was very uneducated, and when she opened her mouth there was no doubt about her racist ignorance and fear-based hatred. It is a shame that she is a publicly paid employee.

Bad form is bad form. Racism is ignorance and hate. At its core, racism is fear-based hate. So if you ridicule someone publicly because they are black, white, green, yellow, red, purple or brown know this: You are a poisoned and somewhat mentally ill form of society that is afraid of anything different from what you see in the mirror.

Please keep your cultural ignorance and mentally ill attitudes to yourselves. Keep your cultural ignorance and hatred out of our public eye, especially when there are children present.

We live in Vail, Colorado, which is a beautiful, peaceful place where we embrace all people from all over the world regardless of race, creed, color or origin.

Our guests come here to enjoy the beauty of nature. They do not come here because they want to spend their life being a color.

The monkey maskers have revealed what they are ignorant, uneducated prejudiced haters.

I think this was how Hitler started out, no?

Lynn Bauman


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