Vail Daily letter: Some wild thoughts about Hidden Gems |

Vail Daily letter: Some wild thoughts about Hidden Gems

Eric Moser
Vail, CO, Colorado

Enough about Hidden Gems. Quit whining, get off the couch, and use the wilderness we already have.

Spraddle Creek should not be included in the Hidden Gems proposal. I am sure Aron Ralston and Roger Brown know that there are children’s graves on the cliffs that are visited by family members every year.

You would think Aron would know that since he says he has hiked or been on almost all of the proposed Hidden Gems proposals. Aron seems to have a mountain lion or wolfpack sighting everywhere he hikes. Must be nice.

He should spend more time hiking Spraddle Creek. He will probably have a Bigfoot sighting, and then we will have to close the whole Interstate 70 corridor and make it wilderness, too.

Also, does the Hidden Gems campaign realize that changing the wilderness boundaries is not the way to protect and help wildlife, but buying a hunting or fishing license is?

Just curious: I wonder how many Hidden Gems supporters have hunting or fishing licenses to really support our wildlife and its habitat.

Eric Moser


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