Vail Daily letter: SOS makes difference |

Vail Daily letter: SOS makes difference

I just witnessed the graduating ceremony of SOS Outreach and was very moved by the impact this organization has on our community, its kids, and their families.

SOS teaches leadership through community service, mountain sports, and conversations about courage, discipline, integrity, wisdom and compassion. For example, SOS kids will complete 150 projects and 3,000 hours of service in their communities this year. SOS stands for “Spirit of Service” and it lives up to its promise.

SOS kids stay involved for years. There were dozens of kids involved this year who have been committed to their leadership training for nearly a decade and five there this night who have returned after college to mentor the next generation of SOS leaders.

Apparently I’m not alone in being impressed by this organization, and so I’d like to acknowledge Vail Resorts for their leadership and their commitment to our community and our kids. Vail Resorts donated $1.2 million in cash and in-kind donations this year.

Chad Steele


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