Vail Daily letter: SOS! New crew needed on board |

Vail Daily letter: SOS! New crew needed on board

Jay W. Townsend
Vail, CO, Colorado

I’ve lived in the Vail Valley for nearly three decades. I migrated from Vail to Edwards and then to Eagle for many reasons. Eagle was still a charming, ranch-cowboy community when I chose to live here. My wife and I were lucky enough to find a great older home with fantastic country views, some of which have now been replaced with tons of homes and many people.

I moved to Colorado from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for the love of the outdoors – hunting, fishing, skiing, biking and all the recreational things offered here. I certainly didn’t move here for needless sprawl and major growth.

My wife-business partner and I bought a historic home in downtown Eagle and turned it into a second retail store 12 years ago. Although we are both happy with the renovation of our existing core (thank you Chamber of Commerce and town of Eagle), I am sorry to say that I have also seen some negative development changes in Eagle. Now, from my home I look down on hundreds of homes – many empty – instead of cows and horses. Unfortunately, we may have more big changes on the way with the impending monster projects on the table: Eagle River Station and Haymeadow. Some change and growth can be good, but there should be limits. A project as big as ERS that got voted down by the residents and is now 30 percent bigger than before is outrageous in my eyes. So, the “No” vote actually means “Yes”?

I haven’t written many letters before nor have I been at Town Hall for any meetings because frankly, I just can’t stomach the politics and the BS. Plus, I’d rather be on the river fishing instead of in town hall!

I have not been enamored with the leadership of Eagle for many years and after viewing taped meetings at town hall recently ( I am very disturbed as to why some think that the present status quo at town hall should continue.

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The people are not being heard, votes are not being upheld, respect for citizens is not being displayed by some leaders and because of that, we definitely need some new people at the helm to guide us into the future.

Because of those reasons, I am endorsing Yuri Kostick for mayor and Brandi Resa and John King for town board. Those are the people I respect, and I feel that their honesty, transparency and yearning for positive growth will be the best way to move forward.

Although I can’t vote due to my neighborhood not being annexed into the town (even though I own property in downtown Eagle), I hope that all voters, friends, neighbors and fellow business owners will vote for people that can truly make a difference and bring about some creative ideas for growing our town responsibly. Kostick, Resa and King are the clear choice April 3.

Jay W. Townsend


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