Vail Daily letter: Sour grapes |

Vail Daily letter: Sour grapes

Daniel Binnings
Vail, CO, Colorado

Mr. McMichael and Mr. Lasater: A few questions for you, please. First, Mr. Lasater: Who thinks Obama is a savior or prophet? You religious rightwing nuts would like to elect a man that thinks he is just that.

The majority of voters believe President Obama is just a caring, intelligent man who cares for the whole country. Everybody.

If you make more than $200,000 and can’t have a good life, what is your problem? I have two kids, sometimes clear $50,000, and I like my life.

And to Mr. McMichael: Who exactly are the outsider parasites? Are they not the people who cook your dinner, wash the dishes, plow your streets, etc.? I would bet that 90 percent of these people work harder than you every day of their lives.

I believe that whining from the people who can’t have a good life making $200,000 per year means your party is doomed. Who’s going to feel sorry for you? Maybe 5 percent.

I truly hope you have a nice life. I know I will with much less, and with a much better view of being a thoughtful, loving human being.

Daniel Binnings


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