Vail Daily letter: Start of health-care rationing? |

Vail Daily letter: Start of health-care rationing?

Ronnie Baker
Vail, CO, Colorado

I realize part of stated goals of the health-care bill is being able to provide health care for many who do not have it. We have been told there will be no rationing to our seniors, no government intervention in the doctor-patient relationship, improved outcomes and reduced costs.

I have serious doubts any of this is true except the enrollment of additional people in health care. From all I have seen, this is going to come at the expense of those who already have health care.

If this bill is passed, the real question in my mind is what type of health care those of us who have it will have in the future.

The real question is what will be the actual costs passed on to our children and grandchildren. I know of no person, whether they are Republican, Democrat or Independent, who really who believes what is actually being proposed will save money.

I am writing to tell you what is happening in the real world today. I am writing to tell you what is occurring today even before the new health-care legislation is passed. I am guessing if this legislation is passed, things will only get worse.

My mother-in-law will be 80 years old this May. She had a heart attack two years ago. She is enrolled in Medicare. She has been having trouble walking any distance, and seems to tire easily.

After exams by her physician this fall, her doctor came to the conclusion my mother-in-law needed to be enrolled in a cardiac rehab exercise program again. She had this right after her heart attack, also. She has been trying to have this set up for the past two months. We have now been advised that Medicare will not pay for this program until my mother-in-law has an event. We understand an event is the cold clinical definition of another heart attack.

We are now seeing the face of the new medicine even before anything is passed. This is terrible.

I hope our elected representatives will take the time to understand what is really happening and not believe the hype which is being spread.

How can any of our elected representatives believe if they vote for this that they will be re-elected when people really start to see what is occurring?

With regard to my mother-in-law, it appears our country is breaking a contract we have with Americans who have worked, saved and participated in the system in order to provide health care for others. It certainly appears this is the beginning of rationing of health care.

Ronnie Baker


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