Vail Daily letter: Still time to affiliate |

Vail Daily letter: Still time to affiliate

Liz Spetnagel
Vail, CO, Colorado

Colorado is in the midst of a heated primary season for both political parties. Eagle County is conducting its first all-mail ballot primary, and ballots are due to the Eagle County Clerk’s office by 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 10.

Roughly 30 percent of registered voters in Eagle County are registered as unaffiliated. Folks choose not to affiliate with a party for a variety of reasons. Some truly find that they vote a mixed ballot. Others think that it cuts down on political phone calls.

Colorado is somewhat unique in that one can affiliate to vote in the primary up until the final day of voting. You can subsequently shed your affiliation the following day.

If you are currently unaffiliated, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to affiliate and participate in this primary. If you really do see yourself as a person who votes for the best candidate regardless of party, I hope you have been following the campaigns of all the candidates and have a good idea of which candidates you would like to see in office.

It is difficult to sympathize with those who bemoan the choice of candidates on the November ballot when many of those same people have chosen to give up their ability to be part of the candidate selection process through caucuses, assemblies and primaries. Affiliate and participate. It’s easy.

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As for those phone calls, if you’re not affiliated, chances are both parties will be calling and knocking.

Liz Spetnagel


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