Vail Daily letter: Stone Creek is a special school |

Vail Daily letter: Stone Creek is a special school

Tammy Humphries
Vail, CO, Colorado

I’m writing this letter in response to the article printed in the Vail Daily on Tuesday regarding Stone Creek Charter School. Almost daily there are news articles detailing the challenges facing public schools. Stone Creek Charter School is no exception. There are challenges, and the challenges became even bigger this past school year. The lease in Avon was not renewed, and the school was required to move.

The article briefly mentioned the remarkable dedication of the parents. As a parent of two students attending Stone Creek Charter School, I can attest not only to the dedication of the parents but also to the dedication of the administrators, teachers, and board of directors as well. Stone Creek Charter School has pulled together as community to face these challenges head on. Difficult cuts were made, fundraising was stepped up, and parent volunteers readily pitched in to help. The community spirit is amazing, as allowing our school to close was and is not an option.

What’s so special about Stone Creek? There are many things, including rigorous academics that are tailored to individual students (I have two third-graders, and they each get their own spelling words), fun experiential activities (we spent a night at the Museum of Nature and Science), quick responses to concerns and questions from teachers and administrators, very involved parents, and a responsive board of directors.

As a parent with experience in both the traditional public school and the charter school, Stone Creek Charter School more closely aligns with my family’s educational expectations. I am a strong proponent in school choice — not special programs, but real choice that may include a different curriculum with leeway for teachers to teach.

Along with all public schools, Stone Creek Charter School has many more challenges to face, but I am confident that it will rise above them. It is a wonderful school, and I would encourage you to check it out for yourself! Stone Creek Charter School is actively recruiting students for the 2012-13 school year.

Tammy Humphries


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