Vail Daily letter: Stop delivering! |

Vail Daily letter: Stop delivering!

Kirk Aker
Vail, CO, Colorado

How far does freedom of the press extend? Does the U.S. Constitution require an individual to accept at his or her doorstep a publication that in the recipient’s opinion is really just a waste of paper?

Does the Constitution allow a publisher to ignore repeated requests of an individual to stop delivering the rag of a paper to his or her doorstep?

Does the U.S. Constitution require that an individual be responsible to clean up after the litter bugging publisher? Is this the definition of freedom of the press?

I searched the U.S. Constitution and the Colorado State Constitution and found absolutely nothing that says an individual must accept and/or read a newspaper-in-name-only publication (NINO for short), or anything else for that matter.

Since I am quite convinced that an individual does not need to accept or read a publication one does not want to receive or read, why doesn’t the Publisher-in-name-only (PINO) of NINO honor my repeated requests to quit throwing not one, but five copies of his irrelevant rag at my doorstep?

As I have explained to the PINO via his contact information on the NINO, they only go into the recycle bin, unread.

Come on PINO of the NINO, respect my request. If nothing else, stop wasting good paper and save a tree.

Kirk Aker


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