Vail Daily letter: Stop the madness |

Vail Daily letter: Stop the madness

Buddy Sims
Edwards, CO Colorado

National Drug Control Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske told CBS Radio News young people are being exposed to “mixed messages” about marijuana including the idea that it is a medicine. The “drug czar” said marijuana “may have properties that have medicinal values that should be tested,” but he insisted “it is not medicine.” Kerlikowske views marijuana as “an entry drug.” The survey found that for the first time since 2002, less than half of young people believe using marijuana is harmful. The Obama administration remains strongly opposed to legalization of marijuana.

If our president and drug czar say that medical marijuana is not medicine, then what is it? And why did so many Colorado voters approve it in November 2000? I feel the answer is they did not fully understand what the final impact would be 10 years later on their communities in Colorado. Did Eagle County vote to have seven pot shops and many more coming? Did Denver realize that today they would have over 300 pot shops within 50 miles of the city center and set a public record for more pot shops than Starbucks and schools combined?

This madness has to stop if we are really trying to help those patients with serious medical problems that are using pot. Recreational pot and medical marijuana are the same product, just labeled differently. We are exposing our kids to the wrong message on pot. But now on 1B, we have the opportunity to reverse what Amendment 20 has done to our community. Now is the time to seriously consider voting “NO” on 1B as this county will be living for years with how we vote!

Stop 1B and save our kids.

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