Vail Daily letter: Such a God is unworthy |

Vail Daily letter: Such a God is unworthy

Jeff Atencio
Vail, CO, Colorado

This thinking and biblical interpretation in Paul Gallagher’s letter May 22 is pieced together like a ransom note from magazines seeking a payment for some evil deed performed.

If we look just as hard, we may come up with justification for mercy killings, and stoning your own children. Any god that excludes any person for any reason is not worth worship.

Love the sinner, not the sin? This is called parenting, not the actions or perceived behavior of a deity that created and controls all of our actions.

BBB (Belief Based Bigotry) deserves ridicule and needs to be called out for this continued spewing hatred and weak interpretation of a book of fiction written by equally ignorant men.

Here’s a thought: Let’s put down the books and beliefs of others and make our own paths. You might find some interesting and beautiful individuals living in our world.

Jeff Atencio

Highlands Ranch