Vail Daily letter: Super Maes for governor? |

Vail Daily letter: Super Maes for governor?

Jere Joiner
Vail, CO, Colorado

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Dan Maes, candidate for governor! Maes told Avon residents that his qualifications are listed on his resume. So I went there and looked. Here, verbatum, is what I found:

Dan has over 20 years of progressively successful experience in sales, management, mid-size and small business development in multiple industries. He has been a managing partner of a telecommunications company and started a company from scratch as recently as 2005 and successfully sold it in today’s market. Through this business journey, he mastered:

Learning new industries, products, and services in just 90 days.

Creating productive and profitable relationships in little time. …

Integrity in transactions that strive to bring mutually beneficial results.

Negotiating with major companies to produce win-win solutions. …

If voters believe this gibberish, I have beachfront property to sell within shouting distance of Lionshead. Notice that Maes listed nothing that is verifiable. He says he “learned” new industries, products and services in just 90 days. What does that mean? What does “creating profitable relationships in little time” mean?

This is flim-flam language and I could no sooner vote for Dan Maes than I could fly.

Jere Joiner


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