Vail Daily letter: Support for Rossi |

Vail Daily letter: Support for Rossi

I hope someone, anyone, asks the defense attorney why it is that the only living person on earth who can place a time-history line on Rossi has been summarily ignored in this matter.

We have been friends and skiiers, hikers, soldiers and served with the same division of the Army on two separate occassions, until life took us in very different directions.

I buried his younger brother with him, also his dad, who spent his last years in a World War II fog of PTSD.

Rossi has been overmedicated and ignored by the VA for years. Add to this his penchant for strong drink and you have a formula for this disaster.

If my own mom were still alive, she would be there to support him and then kick Mr Christiansen’s butt for allowing such a travesty to occur!

Michael Garneau

Venice, Fla.

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