Vail Daily letter: Support Hidden Gems |

Vail Daily letter: Support Hidden Gems

Mandy Kent
Eagle-Vail, CO Colorado

I wish to express my support for the Hidden Gems wilder-ness proposal. Natural areas will not endure as before unless people act to protect them. Don’t forget that most of this country was once as pristine and beautiful as this area or more so. Human activities in most of them have ensured that they will never be wild or have complete ecosystems again. As residents of a place surrounded by wilderness- quality areas, we have the responsibility to pro-tect what we love and use so frequently. I hope that our elected officials realize this and support the Hidden Gems pro-posal, as well. The Hidden Gems campaign has done a great job reaching out to and accommodating stakeholders and others con-cerned about the proposal. If you study the proposal maps, you will probably agree that Hidden Gems has done a great job protecting habitat and watersheds while responding to the input of motorized and mechanized users. Go to www. whiteriverwild. org to look at the maps and provide input.

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