Vail Daily letter: Support Kostick for mayor |

Vail Daily letter: Support Kostick for mayor

Anne Menconi
Vail, CO, Colorado

Is ERS the right project for Eagle? There seems to be many strong emotions and feelings around this topic, which says some think indeed it is and others feel the opposite. I do not have the answer to the question, but I do have thoughts around the topic.

We live in a physically beautiful place with access to wilderness areas, amazing hiking, biking and a river that runs through it. We are blessed to be a bedroom community to a significant population of locals raising families who are bright, caring and well-educated individuals. We are based in


If we are choosing ERS out of fear of what might happen to us if we do not, I believe we are choosing on a potentially destructive and unhealthy foundation which may go in opposition to what we are really trying to accomplish. I also believe we are not giving ourselves enough credit that we have the creative capacity and community connectedness to explore the many possibilities to enrich our community in a way that is inspiring and supportive to the majority.

A lot of time, energy and resources have gone into ERS, which in my opinion could be better spent bringing us together in a way that supports existing and long-term sustainable opportunities that excite and ignite us all.

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I have heard so many bright and achievable ideas over the past number of years in living here. ERS has created a focal point so we can utilize the opportunity to try and build out on our existing strengths, coming together as a community, and then decide down the road if we would like a project like ERS. I think it is too early to jump on ERS as what the town needs when we have not tried the many possibilities of enhancement first.

I value every person who has taken the time to get involved in our local dialogue, politics and discussions about making Eagle the ever-expanding, joyful, amazing place we all know it to be. I believe everyone cares about this community and the many broad perspectives and visions only strengthen my faith in the people who live here.

Having said that, I am supporting Yuri Kostick for mayor of Eagle. Yuri is caring, passionate, bright and willing to take the challenge of long-term alternative local and sustainable buildout for our unique


Only after we have utilized our bright residents for creative economic solutions and in building a community in which we all want to live can we make decisions on a project like ERS that would completely change the character of our town.

I’m thankful to live here, thankful for the people who make up our town and thankful for our public dialogue to bring diversity of thought and solutions into a place we call home.

Anne Menconi


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