Vail Daily letter: Support Ron Paul |

Vail Daily letter: Support Ron Paul

Tavius Sims
Eagle, CO Colorado

Once again, the only political figure who makes me proud to be a follower is running for president of the United States. Some say he’s too old, unelectable, unconventional, etc., but I say he’s a patriot, a visionary, an economist, an honest man, a doctor, a 20-year Texas congressman and a man who stands behind a solid 30-year track record. It would be a straight-up miracle for Ron Paul to gain the GOP nomination for president, but he’s the only one I’ll support. If you don’t know his platform, I suggest you at least explore his ideas and his message.

The time has come for Ron Paul’s message to race across the country and to fill as many households as possible. His message of freedom, economic stability and a retreat and complete pullout from all of the unnecessary wars stands strong and makes complete sense. He’s not an isolationist but a realist. Our country is broke, and we cannot afford senseless, horrendously expensive and deadly wars that are making no progress whatsoever. It’s time to shore up our borders, to protect our homeland and to stop policing the world as we cause just more and more anger to steam out of the heads of all those countries whom we occupy.

The responsibility to take care of our own is now a major concern, as we have almost 50 million Americans on food stamps and living in poverty, and these numbers will continue to climb. We spend money we don’t have, expect others to lend their capital and for what? Enough is enough.

More active-duty troops and veterans of foreign wars have donated money to Ron Paul’s campaign than all other candidates combined, even Obama the last go around.

Please investigate Ron Paul sincerely, and start to care about this next election. We are all in this together, and in order to save this nation, it’s going to take effort on the part of each and every one of us. God bless.

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