Vail Daily letter: Supports Eagle River Station |

Vail Daily letter: Supports Eagle River Station

In letters to the editor in favor or disfavor of Eagle River Station, I am a tad perplexed by those critical we as a town are collectively kowtowing to outside money if ERS is approved.

Almost everything done at almost any time in Eagle County is done or has started with outside money. Eagle County residents survive and thrive with outside money.

Everything man uses has first been mined or grown. Doing little of this in significance in Eagle County, one reasonably could state almost all of us who work in Eagle County are the benefactors of those who have produced something of value and distribute their wealth to our valley to the locals for something we all value and cherish. This is quality of life.

ERS will affect quality of life. Some people believe ERS will enhance our community for many reasons. Other people believe ERS will disrupt our community for many reasons.

I can relate to the reasons both pro and con but lean toward bringing and keeping more outside money inside the town. I believe in the long term that more people will be benefactors from ERS.

Charlie Wick


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