Vail Daily letter: Supports Hidden Gems |

Vail Daily letter: Supports Hidden Gems

I recently had the privilege of taking my friend and her 10-month-old baby for a hike into Eagle’s Nest Wilderness. We had an amazing morning.

The baby’s eyes got round as saucers when we flushed a grouse, and he giggled at the spring beauties we showed him. Fond memories of taking my own babies deep into the wilderness came flooding back to me.

The Hidden Gems wilderness proposal will protect additional wilderness quality lands for future generations. Proponents have been taking people on hikes to the areas they want to protect.

They have met with a wide variety of groups that have a stake in how the forest is managed. They’ve listened and made adjustments.

The Hidden Gems organization has done their homework and put together a good proposal.

Please educate yourself on the areas that the proposal wants to include, and you will see that they are truly special places that deserve protection from future development.

The critical home stretch for this citizen initiative is now.

Please write U.S. Rep. Jared Polis and tell him you support the Hidden Gems. His e-mail address is, and his mailing address is P.O. Box 1453, Frisco, CO 80443.

Or, better yet, attend one of the meetings on Hidden Gems and tell the congressman yourself.

In Edwards, Polis will hold a meeting on Hidden Gems on Thursday at Battle Mountain High School from 5 to 7 p.m. The doors open at 4:30, so get there early if you want a seat, and sign up to speak in favor of wilderness. Bring your friends and family.

By supporting Hidden Gems, you are supporting our legacy of balancing human desire and ambition with environmental protection.

You can get more information about the meetings and the Hidden Gems at

Thank you for supporting the efforts to protect the wildlands that make Eagle County and Colorado truly a remarkable place to live and raise children.

Kate Cocchiarella


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