Vail Daily letter: Supports Hoy |

Vail Daily letter: Supports Hoy

David Lugert
Vail, CO, Colorado

I would like to add my name to the ever-growing list of well-wishers and supporters of Joy Hoy as he seeks re-election as sheriff of Eagle County. I know Joe up close and personally. I’ve seen and respected Joe not only as a friend and fellow Eagle citizen for 10 years now, but also from my other professional roles of recently being a deputy district attorney and felony prosecutor here in Eagle County, and from my current role as a criminal defense attorney and family law attorney here in the Eagle courts.

From each of these quite different perspectives I have viewed Joe as always being professional, courteous and forthright. And it didn’t matter what hat I was wearing at the time. He is easily accessible as the sheriff and willing to listen to, evaluate and solve problems that inevitably occur in the law enforcement system and its right-hand partner, our legal system.

He’s also forward thinking. His Internet Crimes against Children program and drug task force at the Sheriff’s Office are working, and I can say without a doubt they are working for the safety and betterment of our community.

Joe also clearly has the invaluable eight years of experience in being Eagle County sheriff already — an important advantage in law enforcement multi-tasking (read working smoothly at problem-solving) with our various Eagle County judges, their court staffs, our prosecutors, probation officers, defense attorneys, our county commissioners with the budget and even our aggrieved citizens.

That’s a lot of folks, all with strong opinions, and as I see it Joe is well-respected by, and works tirelessly with, all of these factions that serve to protect our community, and which comprise our legal system.

Based upon his character and experience Joe deserves a re-election vote. He’s got my vote to continue as sheriff, and I hope when the time comes your vote too.

David Lugert


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