Vail Daily letter: Supports Kostick |

Vail Daily letter: Supports Kostick

Scot Hunn
Vail, CO, Colorado

For some, the word “change” brings negative connotations and evokes fear of the unknown, or perhaps disillusionment over promises of change not realized.

For others, change is embraced as constant, the only way to grow and to mature. Some believe change in leadership is critical to avoid group-think and stagnation, to insure inclusion and transparency in our public processes and to chart a positive, open direction toward diversity, vibrancy and learning from new ideas.

I am for positive change that comes with new leadership and new ways of thinking about old issues. Call it growth. Call it a new direction. Call it learning or sophistication. I call it healthy and needed.

Yuri Kostick represents the kind of new direction, growth, intelligence and energy I want to see in Eagle’s most important leadership position: mayor.

Yuri has a track record of listening to others’ ideas, working to bring our Eagle Valley communities together and striving for innovative solutions to old problems.

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As any good elected official must, Yuri wears multiple professional and personal hats, and has acted accordingly in serving both public and private sectors to strengthen our economy while protecting the environment that sustains and enriches our mountain lifestyles.

Importantly, Yuri has given back to his community by volunteering every year to organize popular and meaningful family and community-oriented events such as Eagle’s Party for the Planet.

He is often in on the ground floor of new, collaborative efforts to support local businesses and local families and has proven himself as our representative on the Town Board by forwarding initiatives such as the recently approved marketing tax which will help bolster the town’s “Classic Colorado” image.

Bottom line: I can think of no better choice to provide the hands-on, engaged, forward-thinking and empathetic leadership that the Eagle community deserves as we navigate change in the future.

Scot Hunn


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