Vail Daily letter: Surely we can do better with flights |

Vail Daily letter: Surely we can do better with flights

John Taylor
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of air service to Eagle County in recent years. As a full-time resident of Vail, I find it very difficult to book a direct flight almost anywhere from the Eagle County Regional Airport except during the peak of ski season. Even then it is not easy.

Absent a direct flight, I then face the daunting task of making a connection through Denver, which usually results in hours of wasted time waiting for the rare connecting flight to from Denver to my final destination, or on my way back, from Denver to Eagle County.

It would seem to me that an increase in the number of flights would result in a significant increase in the number of people not only willing to visit this area, but also willing to live in this area full time. As it is, our lack of dependable air service is a major impediment to both.

The lack of flights in and out of Eagle County Regional Airport make our mountains and its many unique attractions increasingly inaccessible to many who would love to come but are put off by the lengthy and often hairy drive from Denver over two mountain passes.

Many of my friends have told me this when they elect to vacation elsewhere. Add that to the fact that the Colorado Department of Transportation, which I would rank as by the far the single worst of any of the 10 states I have lived in, is planning major construction on 1-70 beginning this spring that will surely result in making an already interminable drive even less appealing – as if such a thing was possible.

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Surely there is a better way to address the needs of Vail and our many tourists than this, and I would suggest in the strongest possible terms that you consider adding flights, as I suspect they will be loaded with travelers eager to experience the magic of the Vail and Aspen areas.

John Taylor

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