Vail Daily letter: Takes more than faith in ourselves |

Vail Daily letter: Takes more than faith in ourselves

Stephen Dziekan
Vail, CO, Colorado

Re: “Faith in ourselves.” Wow, this is a “deep” observation; almost got my ankles wet. Please! That’s got to be the dopiest comment so far this year, but hey, there is still almost two months left!

Where to start? OK, first off, faith of any kind that is optimistic about the future, for whatever reason, is a good thing. It’s called positive energy, as oppose to negative energy, a bad thing. Duh.

Peter Bergh, have you ever heard of the placebo effect? According to researchers, it can account for as much as a 10-30 percent positive health improvement. Who cares why? It’s faith in action.

Second, evolution is a scientific fact, random selection is not and now believed to be not very likely, at least not the main cause for evolution. The principle of “intention” has more of an influence.

Third, “Jesus and others were great thinkers.” Mohammad plunged the Arabs permanently into the Dark Ages.

Fourth, religious people follow the Ten Commandments in order to improve our condition and prospects for survival.

How is that doing nothing but waiting for God to swoop down and save us? It is doing something. What a stupid comment at best.

I do believe that global warming is real and we probably have contributed to it. However, there is nothing we can do that is even close to cost effective at this point to change anything.

For Al Gore to even use the word “truth, is a joke in itself. He is a pathetic, money-grubbing hypocrite.

And lastly, “depend on our collective ability to address the problem”? Really? More like our collective non-ability to do anything.

The only way problems have ever been solved in history is with brilliant ideas from individuals who think out of the box, which means, away from the collective, and make those ideas known to the public. That’s how we will survive, along with faith in God, which gives us the will and strength to bear hardships along the way.

P.S.: It is love, faith and charity from the Dark Ages that has gotten us this far and continues to help the less fortunate in a tax-exempt sort of way.

Stephen Dziekan

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