Vail Daily letter: Taking a shot at NRA |

Vail Daily letter: Taking a shot at NRA

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

I would think that it’s time for a name change! The National Rifle Association should announce that they are truly the National Weapons Association.

It is obvious that sportsmanship and hunting deer, elk and birds are no longer the justifications for this group. Their basic interests are selling machoism, selling guns and selling memberships.

Somebody needs to remind all of them that Jessie James, “Doc” Holliday and “Billy the Kid” are long gone, the Wild West is ancient history, and our law enforcement folks are totally capable.

But then again, I’m really open to logical explanations of the need for concealed pistols and also of the need for them to be permitted in our national parks.

But until that happens, I will continue to believe that it’s all nonsense and that the NRA’s intimidation of many of our congressmen is a total disgrace!

David Le Vine

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