Vail Daily letter: Tancredo, stop interfering |

Vail Daily letter: Tancredo, stop interfering

I have followed the career of congressman Scott McInnis for approximately 25 years. Scott has voted to raise our taxes and supported way too many liberal ideas. I am very disappointed that Scott has proven to have plagiarized his work for the Hasan Family Foundation. I was also very disappointed that Scott McInnis failed to keep his pledge to be a three-term congressman only.

I have followed the career of congressman Tom Tancredo. Mostly, I have appreciated Tom’s principled positions. However, I am disappointed that he also failed to keep his three-term pledge.

I am pleased that Republican gubernatorial newcomer Dan Maes has demonstrated principled positions, won a grass-roots campaign victory at the Republican state assembly, is in a position to win the August Republican primary, and is in play for a potential upset victory in November against liberal Denver Mayor Hickenlooper.

I am disappointed that congressman Tom Tancredo, who I like very much, is interfering in the Republican gubernatorial primary and trying to place himself ahead of Dan Maes. If Tom had wanted to run for governor, he should have gotten in the race when Scott and Dan did.

The Republican Party wonders why they have been losing races state-wide and nationally for the last several years. They need to turn that around by maintaining principles, and supporting Dan Maes for governor.

The Republican and Democratic parties need to learn that the ends do not justify the means.

Michael Cacioppo

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