Vail Daily letter: Tar on 24 |

Vail Daily letter: Tar on 24

Chrystal Wisner
Vail, CO, Colorado

I would sincerely like to thank the person or persons who so thoughtfully let a 5- to 10-gallon drum of fresh sticky tar fly off the back of their vehicle and splash both sides of U.S. Highway 24 near Camp Hale.

Leaving the drum and all the tar spread everywhere was an awful thing to do. I work very hard to be able to pay for and maintain my vehicle, and my husband is unemployed due to the nonexistent construction trade.

I now have tar stuck in every nook and cranny of the undercarriage of my car. Brakes, wheel wells, engine. We spent three hours just getting it off the exterior paint.

If this car breaks down due to the tar, I will be not be able to bear the expense to repair it and, thus, not be able to get to work.

Yes, I reported this to the State Police. The sergeant told me the following morning he could not see where the tar spill was.

Huh?! I have pictures showing it spread for a half-mile mile from the bridge to the corner. They never even sent a patrol to go look or do a clean up. If you drive Highway 24, you can see it. Maybe you drove through it, too, on Wednesday at about 4:15 p.m.

So anyway, to whoever is responsible, thank you for ruining my car. If you would like to do the right thing and you did this or know who did and would like to help me out, please call 719-486-9443.

Chrystal Wisner


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