Vail Daily letter: Tax valuation too high |

Vail Daily letter: Tax valuation too high

Robert Petrowsky
Leadville, CO Colorado

As so many of you who read the Vail Daily do, I live in Leadville and commute to Vail to work. I was appalled this year when I opened my notice of property valuation to find that I was still valued $80,000, or 150 percent, above my 2006 values when the market collapsed. This is the letter I sent to Lake County Assessor Howard Tritz.-Please take the time to write him and let him know what an insult it is to be used to fund his personal projects with total disregard for real values of property.

“This is my letter to Lake County Assessor’s office regarding my 2010 tax valuation.

“Per your website, the Assessor’s Office works to ‘provide a fair and honest assessment, or appraisal, of all Lake County property.’ My tax assessment was outrageously high last year and nothing was done about it after a complaint.-

“This year, my value dropped $2,000 to just over $232,000. This is $80,000 over my purchase price from 2006 ,when the market began to collapse. The most recent article I have read regarding home values is that we are now in a confirmed double dip on home prices. The current value at 67 percent of 2006 prices would place a “fair and honest assessment” of my house value at $104,000. This is assuming Lake County has followed the national average.-

“Since Lake County is third in Colorado for unemployment and is right at the national average, I think this is a very fair assumption. I have been trying to get out from under my house for three years and it is not economically feasible to sell right now. If my house was truly valued $80,000 dollar over purchase price, I would have gladly sold it and left Lake County by now.- It is not only an insult to my intelligence, but an insult to the economic struggle of the country as a whole to think that Howard Tritz truly believes my home is valued at 223 percent above its market value.

Please review this information before I am forced to contact an attorney reference your unscrupulous taxation.

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