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Vail Daily letter: Taxing Internet sales

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Vail, CO Colorado

How many readers really know the truth about Colorado’s new House Bill 10-1193, passed March 1, which forces Internet companies from other states to collect sales tax from the people here in Colorado in these hard times under threat of possibly being jailed if they don’t do it?

The Colorado state government is now selectively targeting larger companies such as and others to make an example of them.

In return, many companies large and small are now totally refusing to do business with anyone in Colorado with the hope that this bill will be replaced with another bill that will rescind this stupid attempt to extort Colorado tax money from people who are not in Colorado and across state lines while discouraging other states from doing the same.

This bill was passed quietly in the Colorado House and Senate without putting it to the people of Colorado to decide for themselves whether Bill 10-1193 is in our best interests or not!

The backbone of this entire country is still made from small businesses, many that are now Internet-based, as my business is. Some of my potential out-of-state customers that own small businesses are now refusing to do business with my company in a show of solidarity based solely on Bill 10-1193.

And you want to know something, folks? I can’t blame them for banning my Colorado-based business because of this horrendous bill and now state law one bit!

The reason is that it stifles the desire of small businesses to prosper and grow larger because of the headache and hardship of losing customer sales to companies in other states that are smart enough not to tax consumers in other states!

This consumer extortion tax law needs to stop quickly, once and for all, to protect both the people in other states and the hardworking businesses that do out-of-state sales from Colorado.

This is not about evading taxes! I urge you to write to your local representatives and state senators to push for Bill 10-1193 to be rescinded!

Barry Cohen, Durango

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