Vail Daily letter: Tea party politics are just plain scary |

Vail Daily letter: Tea party politics are just plain scary

Having viewed the exploits of the tea party for several months, Halloween came as something of a letdown.

There is likely little to dispel the utter fabrications that have been generated by the extreme right of this country, but it should be pointed out that the vitriol, the anger and the outright hatred are based on nothing more than the self-perpetuating delusion that capital is more important than America, civilization or humanity.

The economy is important. The situation remains tenuous.

Further stimulus would remedy this situation (dozens of respected economists are agreed on this), but the Republicans have blocked this avenue at every opportunity for no other reason than to prevent President Obama from taking credit for getting this country out of the mess he inherited from Mr. Bush.

“I hope he fails,” Rush Limbaugh said of the president, and the Republicans have been running an obstructionist campaign to accomplish this goal ever since, forgetting the millions who have lost their jobs and the millions who have lost their homes.

In short, forgetting millions of Americans, but not millionaires.

The Republicans’ obstructionist campaign has ostensibly been based on the rediscovered cause of decreasing the public debt, but they have no intention of doing away with the tax cuts for the richest Americans, the very tax cuts that turned Clinton’s budget surplus into the deep debt of the Bush administration before 9/ 11, before Afghanistan and before Iraq.

What’s missing from the constant whining of the far right is some indication of a coherent philosophy. Gone are the cries for limited government; gone is the useful pragmatism of Gerald Ford.

There was a time when Republicanism favored small business, but there is no indication that Republicans have any intention of doing anything but serving corporate America.

A thoughtful conservative viewpoint would be welcome. Few Americans favor more, rather than less, government intrusion into their daily lives, but there’s no discussion of this from the extreme right. Less tax does not necessarily mean less government.

Indeed, the extreme right would outlaw homosexuality, immigration, abortion and have us all praying at school and at work, preferably to their idea of God rather than Mohammed’s or even Christ’s.

No less a Republican and progressive than Teddy Roosevelt taught us that government exists to protect the common interest and prevent the predation of the weak by the strong.

The architects of the tea party movement, the billionaire Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch among them, would have us elect people who would turn the clock back to a time when corporate magnates yielded almost unlimited power and enriched themselves to the detriment of the rest of society. They would have us elect people that would concentrate power and wealth in the hands of a few.

Their “policies” will do nothing short of turning this country into something with a closer semblance Mexico than America.

Jonathan Staufer


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