Vail Daily letter: Teach them to turn |

Vail Daily letter: Teach them to turn

Paul Rondeau
Vail, CO Colorado

At the recent town meeting, Dick Cleveland and Chris Jarnot gave a very positive and upbeat summary of the recent past and future of the town of Vail and Vail Mountain. One of the two questions from the audience brought up the issue of safety on Vail Mountain. You could almost hear mumbling under the breath of many saying “right on,” especially the guy next to me on crutches.

Frankly, a truly proactive safety program could enhance the motto “Experience of a lifetime.” It would seem things need to go beyond simply making adjustments to the Yellow Jackets program, coupled with warning signs and pass revocations. There are a myriad of ideas out there, and it would seem a series of focus-group meetings with staff and community members could flesh them out. My personal hobby horse centers on the many skiers and riders who don’t know how to use the technology built into modern equipment. So how about a series of “give me five minutes of your time” learning stations on the mountain. The focus could be demonstrating the skill and satisfaction of making carved and completed turns versus just going straight and fast. The learning stations could even be staffed by qualified/certified volunteers.

In short, Vail Mountain is just too great of a place not to add a truly leading edge and creative safety program to the list of accomplishments. If you agree with any of this, please let Vail Resorts know.

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