Vail Daily letter: Term limits again? |

Vail Daily letter: Term limits again?

Steve Lamontagne
Vail, CO, Colorado

Currently, the maximum number of terms that an Eagle County commissioner can serve is two. In a very self-serving gesture, the commissioners want it extended to three and want the term-limits question on the ballot in November again.

It has already been voted on and voted down twice in the past 10 years. I keep reading that they’re concerned that there hasn’t been much public input on the issue. I think the public has larger concerns like how our commissioners could lose 4.5 million of our tax dollars. (Thank you, Chuck Powers, for your recent letter to the Vail Daily highlighting that the commissioners are still trying, somehow, to put a positive spin on this.)

But back to my point. Bringing the issue up for vote a third time is a perfect example of the commissioners not listening to what the public has already told them. As voters we have an obligation to make sure that the politicians who don’t listen and make bad decisions spending our tax dollars don’t have the opportunity to do it again.

Steve Lamontagne


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