Vail Daily letter: Thank you, Harry Reid! |

Vail Daily letter: Thank you, Harry Reid!

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

Could we put aside the media fren-zy abut what is a misconstrued remark that Sen. Reid made quite some time back? He saw in Mr. Obama a man of superior intelligence, wisdom and ideals, with a gift for making powerful, inspiring speeches. He also just hap-pens to be of “light skin” because he represents the best of two races.

Both men knew that this could be an asset in the year of 2008, should Sen. Obama decide to run for presi-dent. How fortunate we are that Mr. Reid recognized the unique qualities of a man with Obama’s talents, along with the experiences of growing up in a multi-religious environment, and encourage him to run.

The 2008 election was a huge step forward for blacks, women, all minori-ties and especially the white citizens who voted with a national pride.

Yolanda Marshall, Edwards

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