Vail Daily letter: Thankful for firefighters |

Vail Daily letter: Thankful for firefighters

Saundra Spaeh
Vail, CO, Colorado

The entire Highland Meadows neighborhood is so grateful for the quick and overwhelmingly well-staffed response to the fire two weeks ago. I’m not certain whom the appropriate entities are to thank for the mobilization of such a large force, but I’m certain that Eric Lovegren and Tommy Talbot had something to do with it.

My husband and I were biking down Mill Creek that evening, wondering why a bucket was being helicoptered up the mountain. We were a little shocked when we arrived in our neighborhood to be greeted by police and clouds of smoke coming up out of the trees over the ridge immediately west of our home.

We called the neighbors and spoke lightheartedly about evacuation and what possessions might be worth loading in the car. No one seemed too concerned. We waved at the helicopter with the water bucket and the slurry bomber pilot (they were that low over our patio) and waited for the show to be over.

My point is that we felt fairly comfortable that the blaze was under control because of the large presence of manpower and aircraft. Also, knowing that if the fire were to move, the tree removal from previous summers would protect us or at least make fighting a blaze more feasible was reassuring.

It seems like ages since the Highland Meadows neighbors brought cookies and water to the firefighters cutting trees. (A small token for the huge effort and clever organization and planning in multiple jurisdictions that was undertaken by Eric.)

We cannot thank everyone involved enough for the peace of mind and security that your efforts have afforded an entire neighborhood.

Saundra Spaeh


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