Vail Daily letter: Thankful for help with baby daughter |

Vail Daily letter: Thankful for help with baby daughter

Zachary, Joanna and Levi Woods
Vail, CO, Colorado

My husband and I would like to thank the people of Vail for their extraordinary efforts to help our daughter.

We moved to Vail over the course of November 2009 and did not know anyone in the community. On Jan. 4, we received a call from the Vail Child Care Center that our daughter was found not breathing. From my understanding, the Vail Fire Department and the paramedics quickly arrived to help.

Thanks to the team at the child-care facility, they were able to continue to try to revive her and rush her to the Vail Valley Medical Center. I understand that the paramedics field work was skilled to the level that she would have died without their aid. It was there, at the hospital, that my husband and I were told that she was likely not going to make it.

Things took a positive turn, and she was rushed to Denver for further care. She remained alive in Denver for three days before it became clear that we would need to withdraw support, as she would never have the quality of life we had hoped for our baby.

Our baby girl died one day after her three-month birthday, on Jan. 7, 2010.

Although we are devastated, we find ourselves very appreciative of the people who worked very hard that day. If just one person had given up, or had a hard day, we would not have had the three days to tell her goodbye. Not only were those days special to us, but also to our families who flew in from Arizona and California.

We will forever be thankful to the community, and especially those workers at the day care, the paramedics, the firefighters, and the emergency room staff for not giving up and trying to save our little lady.

Although she is gone, she will remain in our hearts and be our “forever baby”! Her twin brother is thriving and gaining new skills by the day. Thank you.

Zachary, Joanna and Levi Woods


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