Vail Daily letter: Thankful for quick, sure help |

Vail Daily letter: Thankful for quick, sure help

Kelli Rohrig
Vail, CO, Colorado

My father took a nasty digger and landed on his head Jan. 22. He has been in Denver Health ever since. This letter isn’t about my father, but about the incredible people in and around Vail.

Truth be told, I sometimes question the direction our community is going, especially having grown up in the area and seen how much our valley has changed. However, having received endless emails, texts, phone calls and cards of encouragement for my dad, I am better able to see the enormous amount of positive energy that thrives in our region.

First off, thank you, Vail Ski Patrol. The Vail Patrol had my father loaded on mountain (Ramshorn) and into the ambulance in just under 20 minutes, surely record-breaking time. The medical professionalism orchestrated by the patrol crew on scene was part of the reason my dad survived this accident.

Secondly, thanks to the emergency department team at Vail Valley Medical Center, the ambulance crew and Flight for Life. My dad was admitted, given relevant scans and X-rays, flown to Denver and was out of surgery within six hours. Again, the timeliness and expertise of the staff was a significant part of my father being alive today.

And finally, endless appreciation to all of the wonderful people who have gone out of their way to send my family good vibes. I can’t tell you how much your correspondence has touched my mom, who never knew she and my dad had so many friends. We’ve received help with transportation, food, emergency dog-sitting services, driveway snow maintenance, online assistance, help disseminating medical terms … the list goes on.

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My biggest takeaway is that the smallest act of kindness can make a huge impact on someone’s life. Please take a few minutes each day to say good morning to your neighbor, hold the door open for someone at the post office, give a friend a hug because they are your friend, say thank you for someone who’s done you a good service.

P.S. I’d like to send my highest praise for the doctors, nurses and general staff at Denver Health.

Kelli Rohrig


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