Vail Daily letter: Thankful for school |

Vail Daily letter: Thankful for school

Adrienne and Mike Gibbs
Vail, CO, Colorado

“Thankfulness is our class virtue for the month. Our class will be working on practicing thankfulness in all we do. Please help your child practice this virtue at home as well.” — Mrs. Towle’s Second Grade Newsletter, Stone Creek Charter School.

My husband and I are the grateful parents of a daughter who is currently enrolled in second grade at the Stone Creek Charter School in Avon. Since the day we visited the school we have felt thankful for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful school and community.

After our first visit and understanding of the Core Knowledge curriculum, we knew right away that this school was the perfect fit for our family.

We wanted our daughter to have a classical education that was like no other we had seen. Not only were the children happy at the school, the staff was warm, welcoming and enthusiastic. We felt and still feel like we have won the lottery!

Fast forward one and a half years and we are made aware that our school may be in jeopardy. However, in this time of uncertainty, we are thankful for the following things:

n That we have an amazing Board of Directors that has been working tirelessly to find as many options for our school as possible.

n That the town of Avon has worked with Stone Creek up to this point (and hopefully going forward) to nurture our young school and assist us in moving forward.

n That there is a curriculum called Core Knowledge at Stone Creek that I have seen first hand inspire young minds.

n That at Stone Creek we have a passionate team of administrators and teachers who care deeply about every student’s quest for personal and academic excellence.

n That we as parents are called upon to help, volunteer and be involved in our child’s education. Additionally, that those parents who I have met and come to know are also passionate about their children’s education and the wellbeing of our school.

n That we live in a country, state and town that values education.

n That the school has overcome many obstacles in the past and will continue to do so now and into the future.

My husband and I have always maintained that Stone Creek is a special place.

In moving forward, we know that the destiny of our school appears uncertain. However, we are thankful that the leadership of the school, backed by a supportive community of families is committed to finding a resolution.

As my family prepares to make cranberry sauce for the second grade Thanksgiving feast, I want to thank Mrs. Towle for encouraging our children and their families to be thankful.

Adrienne and Mike Gibbs


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