Vail Daily letter: Thanks a lot for that property tax hike |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks a lot for that property tax hike

Tom Bassett
Vail, CO, Colorado

Congratulations to the Eagle County taxing authorities for collecting a record property tax total for 2009! In a year when Eagle County residents struggled to make ends meet and many faced job losses or pay cuts, the county commissioners decided to take no action to relieve the tax burden on county residents.

After years of reaping the benefits of a boom in the Eagle County real estate market, the commissioners left residents hanging out to dry when the situation drastically changed last year.

The county assessors have stood hard and fast to the property valuations which took place prior to the economic downturn.

By the time Eagle County reviews property values in 2011, it is likely that values will have returned to higher levels than they were in 2009. That means that residents will have faced this past year with no meaningful assistance or leadership from the commissioners.

Eagle County also recorded a near record number of real estate foreclosures in 2009.

When Garfield County made adjustments to property taxes to help residents cope with the economic reality of 2009, Eagle County’s commissioners sat on their hands.

I have been a resident of Eagle County for 31 years and have always voted to support the school district and the needs of the county in the general elections.

The Eagle County commissioners have betrayed the trust of the voters and frankly have exhibited a lack of awareness for the needs of county residents.

Tom Bassett


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