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Vail Daily letter: Thanks, Doc!

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Vail, CO Colorado

Kudos are due to Michael Schneider for hanging in there for 20 years, helping the very active populace of Vail finally put their feet in the right direction. Surely the very activity of skiing required the utmost in courage to insert one’s feet into those heavy plastic boots, which must have felt as if they were in a vice. Surely a far cry from the soft leather slippers one wore up until the mid-’50s.

In August 1990, I walked through a door lettered “Vail Valley Podiatry” (that’s where that new name push started) and engaged the services of Dr. Schneider.

This was three years before my official retirement into Medicare, so I had my own personal health insurance, which did not cover the procedure I needed. An amicable cost solution was found, and the issue with my big toes was resolved.

There exists a “before” photo that Dr. Schneider took, so when I returned for the followup, I tied a little pink ribbon on each big toe as a celebration of sorts. I count myself as one of Dr. Schneider’s first patients, launching his great career in the Eagle Valley.

Things have changed, as I am on Medicare and declining reimbursements to physicians prompt me to hesitate to call upon Dr. Schneider as an issue arises with my feet. That applies to other physicians, as well. I will deal with problems as best as I can. Humana increased my drug prescription plan premium from $26 to $43. I canceled the program in November 2008. We need health care reform!

Social Security has ceased paying cost-of-living increases to us, which puts me in the same boat with Dr. Schneider. He has survived the first 20 years and has helped many of us resolve our podiatric problems. Thank you.

Fletcher MacNeill

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