Vail Daily letter: Thanks for all the help with Living at Your Peak |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks for all the help with Living at Your Peak

John and Jamie Stone
Vail, CO, Colorado

To bring a vision to life, it takes a team, a team of people who support both the vision and each other.

Living at Your Peak came to life this past weekend as I write. John and I want to thank the people and our sponsors who supported us, believed in our vision for Vail and beyond, and who were with us all the way.

From our hearts, thank you to Adam and Jess, Jay, Barb, Dan and Lisa. To our friends, Jody and Gordon Hoffstein, Karen Johansen, Stan and Mary Ellen Cope, Sally and Kevin Clair, Jean and Larry Peterson, Margaret and Rick Rogers, Kathy Langenwalter and Dick Cleveland, Julie and Kirk Hansen, Deb and Drex Douglass, Laina and Jon Eskin, John and Vicky Garnsey — your support on all levels is appreciated beyond words.

And to our Living at Your Peak Team members (both day to day, and on a broader scale) who have not only been supporters of the vision, key in bringing it to life, but are also true friends: Maureen Brooks, Mary Randall, Jan Biegler, Brad Quayle, Kaylee Brennand, Peter Millett, Coen Wijdicks, Sue Sabido, Jack Eck, Cliff Saron, Uta Pippig, Michael Reger, Vicki Crawford, Steve Virostek, Kathy Langenwalter, Sally Clair, Carol Mullikin, Mark Bricklin, Brad Farans, Jamie Van Leeuwen, Lisa DeKoster, Johannes Faessler, Freddie Rodriguez, Bill Mack, Don Rogers, Jim Hill, Bob Moroney, Beth Slifer, Elaine Kelton, Betty Ann Woodland, David and Kristin Kenny Williams, and Pam and Richard Bard. Thank you.

To Kathy Cole, Kyle Webb and Allison Krausen, Vail Mountain Club, the Bachelor Gulch Club, the Alpine Club, the Bards, and the Denver Athletic Club: Thank you for hosting us at launch parties.

To our local athletes Josiah Middaugh, Ellen Miller, and Uta Pippig: You helped us all to play while teaching us along the way!

To all of our amazing presenters — thought leaders in health and wellness, researchers, docs, and elite athletes who are also wonderful people –thank you for your openness to share, listen, and connect. To Jenna Wolfe and Jeff Olson, thanks for your leadership in your emcee roles.

To our incredible volunteers who gave us their time and opened their hearts to welcome everyone, thank you so much. To Liana and the Vail Symposium staff, thank you.

And to our sponsors and restaurants for your belief in the vision in our inaugural year — the town of Vail, Vail Valley Medical Center, HealthOne, The Steadman Clinic and Steadman Phillipon Phillipon Research Institute, Vail Summit Orthopaedics, Udi’s, The Vitality Center, Triumph Development, Opedix, the PGA Tour, Avid Design, Colorado Access and the CU Depression Center, the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, the Antlers at Vail, Restaurant Kelly Liken, Sweet Basil, Flame at the Four Seasons, Ludwig’s at the Sonnenalp, Terra Bistro Restaurant, the Sonnenalp Resort and Hotel, Camelbak, the Biegler Foundation, Wendy and Paul Raether, Vail Resorts, and, of course, the Vail Daily — thank you!

With warmth and true appreciation,

John and Jamie Stone

Living at Your Peak

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