Vail Daily letter: Thanks for caring |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks for caring

Lisa Angelo
Eagle, CO Colorado

In response to Glen Hoefer’s letter, I have only respect for any public transportation driver, taxi driver or designated driver in Vail and Eagle County. It is a huge responsibility to make sure people in your care get home safely. I believe the sober driver has the best judgement in the group, so to get fired over trying to bring awareness to a very obvious smell should be viewed as giving someone a subtle nudge.

I rode the bus for 14 years when I lived in Vail. I was honored to be able to work in Vail and ride the “free” (my taxes paid for it) bus and not pay for parking. At the same time, as there are always two sides to a story, I had to contend with not drunk people on the bus but ready-to-puke people on the bus. This was at 9:30 at night after closing a retail store in town, so I could only imagine what the after-the-bar-closes-bus drivers must contend with nightly. I know all of the very true tragic stories of the fatalities that have occurred in this town due to blackout drinking after having gotten off a bus, and I have also been on the bus when the driver had to call the police, so kudos to someone who gives a crap.

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