Vail Daily letter: Thanks for ‘ no’ votes |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks for ‘ no’ votes

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hanks for ‘ no’ votes

I’d like to thank Dan Wallace and Heather Stolz for their “no” votes at Monday night’s Red Cliff Town Council meeting on the first reading of the Moltz Quarry annexation resolution. Council-woman Betty Sandoval and Councilmen Garrett Scahill and Duane Nelson all voted “yes” on this proposed annexation resolution.

I’d also like to thank County Commissioner Sara Fisher for coming to the meeting and bringing up many points against the annexation of this mining operation to the town of Red Cliff and for offering the county’s services in exploring this issue further.

Moltz representatives have yet to show substantial financial benefit to the town of Red Cliff. Most of the rock extracted will be wholesaled, thereby not provid-ing much in sales tax revenues to the town, and yet we will bear the liabilities associated with having a mining operation within our town limits.

The Board of Trustees needs to consult our master plan. Resi-dents of Red Cliff clearly state that they do not wish to have any “extraction or logging” opera-tions in the town. This is a study that we, the taxpayers, paid for, and we think the Board of Trustees needs to read and abide by the master plan.

There will be one more public hearing, where there will be a second reading of the proposed Moltz Quarry annexation. I believe this will take place at the next meeting, on Oct. 5 in the Red Cliff Council Chambers.

I would like to encourage resi-dents of Red Cliff and beyond to express their opinions about this proposed annexation to town of Red Cliff council members. Con-tact information may be obtained by calling the town of Red Cliff at 970-827-5303. I would also encourage council members to find out what their friends and neighbors really think of this issue.

Please help save scenic byway Highway 24!

– Barb Bomier Red Cliff

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